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Our Leathers

Full Aniline

Full aniline leather in the main is what we would class as the most natural in appearance. The dye used is almost opaque in it’s transparency of colour. Due to the leather being manufactured in this way, it creates a smooth texture which is porous and one which ages and changes colour naturally over a period of time, the natural oils from skin and the elements give this leather a beautiful patina.

    This leather is determined by the final stage of the manufacturing process as a protective layer/coating given to make the leather somewhat resistant to stains from every day use.

    Horween Shell Cordovan (US)
    Renowned as being some of the finest leather in the world, Shell Cordovan is produced with equine leather, specifically from the rump of the horse. Due to the tight grain of this area, a very smooth and soft leather is made. Being a full-aniline leather it's perfect for fine leather accessories

    Shell Cordovan
    As well as Horween, we also utilise the Italian & Japanese tanneries for our Shell Cordovan. These are Maryam, Rocado, Shinki & Leda Ogawa. These tanneries tend to be brighter in their colours and also offer some unusual finishes.

    French Chévre
    In the main we use goat skins from the Alran tannery in Southern France. This leather has a semi-firm feel and comes is wide range of beautifully rich colours. The texture has a beautiful grain, deep and is durable due to it's semi-aniline finish.

    Museum Calf
    Radica Museum calf which is a full-aniline chrome tanned leather, renowned for it's quality in shoe making, it's soft yet firm feel also makes it perfect for small leather goods. Age old artisan tanning techniques and the final glass glazing give this leather it's beautiful finish

    This is a firm, smooth full grain calf leather from the infamous Tanneries Du Puy in France. The semi-aniline leads to very deep rich colours and is best known for it's use in Hermes products

    Noblessa Calf
    A beautiful printed calf leather from the German Perlinger tannery which has a luxurious feel, is both scratch and water resistant and due to it's environmentally friendly ethics, it is used by the revered brands from around the globe.

    Other Leather
    As your purchase is personal to you, we are more than happy to discuss other leather options you might have in mind, our range is not limited to the aforementioned, these are just some examples of what we have available.