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Who we are

It’s always difficult to write about yourself without coming across contrived, so I will try to give my customers an insight into the man behind the craft and the reasons I have embarked on this journey.
My background from finishing school was a traditional signwriter, attending one of only two recognised signwriting colleges in the UK. Those times were probably the most enjoyable aspects of my career to date, however, technology took over 30 years ago and at that point, signwriting became a dying art and work wasn’t forthcoming. After some bad decisions, I left signwriting behind me. Although I’ve always kept an interest in the art and still enjoy typography, and even turn my hand to painting now and then. At some point I will incorporate this in to my leather work.
In the current pandemic, the logistics industry has been catapulted forward at an unprecedented rate and with that comes an immense amount of expectations and pressures. So much so that I needed an avenue to relieve the stress, so getting back to being creative and using my hands was a natural direction. As my Grandad was someone who used to stitch his own shoes and made other leather products which always interested me, I decided to look through the tools I inherited and look at how to reeducate myself in the art of leather craft, using the traditional techniques I’d been shown years ago and honing those to start creating bespoke leather goods. Not only does this relax the mind, it gives me immense satisfaction, especially receiving amazing feedback from friends, family and customers.
The journey so far has been one of frustration and enjoyment. Thankfully the enjoyment outweighs the latter!
Having suffered with severe stress and anxiety in the last few years, this creative aspect of my life has certainly helped control these negative feelings. It’s something to channel your mind and what you get at the end of a finished article is satisfaction and a happy customer to lift the spirits.
The possibilities are endless which is what makes working with leather a joy. If you have a specific design in mind or want to discuss certain leather or colour combinations, feel free to drop me an email, I’m always happy to discuss projects and ideas.