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Leather Care

Now you have purchased your beautiful handmade goods, you need to ensure you give them the care and attention they deserve. By following a few simple guideline you will ensure your purchase lasts a lifetime.

As leather is a natural product it is susceptible to general wear and tear and as such you should be mindful of the following.

Don't overfill your items, by stacking too many cards in your wallet, filling your purse with receipts, packing everything but the kitchen sink in to your bag, you will ultimately stretch the leather, this will then detract from the original design and take away the beautiful aesthetics of the product you purchased.

As with most small leather goods, they are used on a daily basis, cardholders, wallets, belts etc and as such these items take some hard wear, therefore it is essential that we give them some TLC, a weekly clean and nourish with some leather balsam will add in some much needed nutrients to keep the leather supple and stop it from drying out and at worse cracking or splitting.

If you're carrying you leather items in your pockets and putting them in to the pockets of bags, then ideally you want to make sure hard objects such as keys, coins, pens etc are not in contact with the exterior surface of you leather accessory, scratches on some types of leather are extremely noticeable and also very hard to remove. So to maintain the beautiful exterior of your items, be mindful of what they come in contact with.

When not in use, good storage practice of your leather goods is essential. 

If you have a cloth bag to store your items in this will help avoid scratches to the exterior, avoid the use of storing in plastic bags as these are not breathable and can affect the leather with prolonged use.

Sunlight can bleach leather if exposed for periods of time so put your leather goods in a cloth bag or at least store them in a well ventilated cupboard/wardrobe.

Avoid storage in such things as airing cupboards or places close to radiators, this artificial heat over time can dry out the leather and in the worst case scenarios can lead to your leather cracking.