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Bespoke Made to Order Service

As with everything in life, having the opportunity to make choices that fit you are essential. With our bespoke made to order service, you are in control of these choices and together we can make something truly unique to you.

Our lead time on these items can be anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks, this is due to the order well we have at certain times of the year and also determined by the product and materials you would like us to make and use. As every aspect of our product is handmade, we take incredible care and are extremely diligent in our processes and techniques, these artisan processes take time. Every stitch, every cut, every edge sanded or painted is completed by hand, as such we can't and won't rush as this will risk the integrity of your finished product. We will advise at the point of contact the lead time once we have established the exact parameters we are working to.

The threads you can choose are linen, nylon or polyester. Linen being a natural thread derived from flax plant absorbs colours extremely well and tend to offer the more vibrant hues, as these threads are natural they are more susceptible to the elements. The nylon & polyester threads being man made lend themselves to being the more durable option, we can offer advice at the time of design as to which would be recommended and the reason behind them.

The choice of leathers available is endless, however if we haven't certain articles in stock we will place an order which can take up yo a week to fulfil. We will look at what product you are wanting designed and made and offer our recommendations. Swatches can be sent FOC as seeing leather in the flesh can sometimes be the best way to imagine what your finished product will look and feel like. Read about our leathers here.

The right edge finish is critical to both the longevity and aesthetic of your purchase, we will offer guidance based on the type of leather and product to ensure the right choices are made. You can read our edge finish information here

Once we have determined all the aspects of your design and product, we would politely request that a none-refundable deposit is made to secure your order and cover our costs should you decide not to proceed.