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Prototype day

The importance of prototyping your products should certainly not be underestimated. There are so many variables in terms of the leather used and the processes of the manufacture so dry runs whilst time consuming are definitely the right way to experiment and fine tune the final production piece  

Today we have a ladies purse on the table in the atelier, as purses tend to get a lot of use, it’s important to choose a robust leather that can handle bumps, scrapes, stains and stretching. 

Whilst the choice of leathers we carry is vast, and personal preference for shiny shell cordovan is always high on our list, we have decided we will use a light blue Noblessa Perlinger. This is a printed aniline calf leather, which has a  medium to firm temper, handles skiving well, great scratch and stain resistance properties and looks fantastic  

After a few hours drafting the pattern, then cutting the initial pattern, there are a few obvious tweaks we’ll be making on the production pieces, and as these develop, I can honestly say further changes with be made, generally as I’ll see an aesthetic that can be adjusted for better lines and maybe adding a new fastener. 

Further updates to come with pictures of the complete leather ladies purse another day….